Monday, January 3, 2022

MYTHIC's Future

You may have seen a post here announcing the indefinite suspension of MYTHIC. I took that post down because I couldn't bear to really let that happen. 

Now I face the question what I am I going to do now. What is MYTHIC's Future?

The bottom line is that I'm not closing it: I won't let it die. But MYTHIC has to change. The format will change in big ways but ultimately the number of stories published each year will remain the same. In fact, there well could be more by year's end than in the past.

This is all going to a big challenge for me, but with help I think we can do it.

I've had support through subscribers and patrons on Patreon in the past. I'll asking for more of the same. I announced a while back that MYTHIC will also welcome advertisements. Those will still be welcome.

So, what am I doing? 

First, the magazine will be going to a monthly model. I think more MYTHIC more frequently might be what is needed to draw more eyes (and readers) to it. 

I'll still be doing eBook and print editions of the magazine and, consequently, doing subscriptions for both as well. 

By moving to monthly, there be about 4 original short stories per issue. I might include reprints as well.

I'm considering other content like essays/nonfiction/reviews, as I've had in past issues. Those will be flat rate work if included.

Words counts would drop on the top end so the range would be 2,000 words to 5,000 words. No wiggle room, really.

I'll really have to watch word counts to keep the costs under control until I can expand. But I need subscribers and patrons. I need supports who believe and want to see MYTHIC stick around and succeed.

There it is folks. The anti-closing post!!!!