Wednesday, October 20, 2021

MYTHIC #17: Summer 2021

This Summer 2021 issue of MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine includes a slew of speculative fiction by Sean Patrick Hazlett, Andrew Kozma, David A. Riley, Fija Callghan, Erica Ciko Campbell, Ron Mucklestone, Maree Brittenford, Robert Runté, Geoffrey Hart, and Jen Downes as well as nonfiction by Joshua Grasso and book and film reviews by Kieran Judge and Frank Kaminski respectively.

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Here's what you'll find inside:

Editor’s Note: Setbacks | Shaun Kilgore

Curator of Curiosities | Fija Callaghan

The Conch | Ron Mucklestone

The Jester of Arathos | Erica Ciko Campbell

Rehab for Super-Villains | Maree Brittenfortd

The Children Will Lead Us | Andrew Kozma

The Killer App | Sean Patrick Hazlett

Baal the Necromancer | David A. Riley

The Changeling and the Bully | Robert Runté

Awakenings | Geoffery Hart

Happy Hour | Jen Downes

Nonfiction: Tolkien and the Prophecy of Language | Joshua Grasso

Book Review: Ten Low by Stark Holborn | Kieran Judge

Film Review: Annihilation | Frank Kaminski