Friday, June 21, 2019

MYTHIC #10 eBook Available!

After several delays, I am very happy to present the 10th issue of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. 

You can pick up eBook editions here:

Paperback editions are slated to go live tomorrow.

Inside you'll find the following stories by a talented group of writers:

The Sorcerer's Accomplice by Jean Graham
Much Obliged, Stephen by James Rowland
The Ice Breaker by Hall Jameson
The Gates by Brandon Daubs
Feeding Time by Jeffrey D. Schwartz
Under the Dogrose by Bo Balder
The Cat, the Dragon, and the Stormy Knight by Tom Howard
Eyes of the Wild by Nick Franco
Surcease of Darkness by Brandon Ketchum
March on the Mountains by Shaun Kilgore

Saturday, March 9, 2019

MYTHIC #10: Cover Reveal

Hi MYTHIC fans. Guess what? I'm happy to share the cover for MYTHIC #10. The Spring Issue will be coming to you in about a month. I'd add at this time that one of the perks of being a patron is that you get to see the next cover of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine before everyone else, but it's great news whenever you hear about it.

I love finding the right artwork and pairing it with the right stories. One of my favorite parts of editing and publishing a magazine like MYTHIC. If you've snag a copy of MYTHIC and like what you've seen, consider supporting great sci-fi and fantasy fiction; buy a subscription or become a patron through our Patreon page.

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MYTHIC #9 Now Available!

Attention everyone. MYTHIC #9 has hit the virtual stands! With the publication of this issue, I'm largely caught up and the scheduling of issue releases will return to normal. I'm working on Issues #10 and #11 even now, to nail down the contents so I can have each issue ready to go so subscriber and patron copies aren't waiting quite so long.

Print editions of MYTHIC #9 can be purchased at Amazon and other online retailers. eBook editions are available through Payhip.

So, without further ado, here are the contents to this latest issue of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine:

Life Studies in Stone by Lawrence Buentello
The Certainty of Echoes by D.A. D'Amico
Paint the Past by Fredrick Obermeyer
Alexandria Stands by Greg Belvedere
The Mummy of R'lyeh by John Michael Greer
A Mystery for a Mystery by L. Joseph Shosty
The Needs of the Few by Kathryn Yelinek
Holy Orders by John Sykes
The Sunset Special at Midnight Mary's by M. Michelle Bardon
Temple of the Damned by Shaun Kilgore

Review: Lifeline by Catherine McGuire - by Frank Kaminski

For those who wish to receive issues of MYTHIC regularly, I've created multiple options. Naturally, you can purchase print and eBook subscriptions here on the website. I call these One-Year Print Direct and One-Year Digital Direct. They are just one-year subscriptions. You get four issues a year in the format of your choice.

You would like to offer further support, I also have a Patreon page for MYTHIC. This service allows you  to provide monthly support so I can provide better compensation to writers, improve the magazine, and basically keep bringing you new issues. Depending on your membership tier, you get much more than a four-issue subscription. As a patron, you will get access to all current issues of MYTHIC as well as future ones as long as you remain active. There are opportunities for free books, discounts, and other patron-only exclusives. Go check out the options!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

MYTHIC #9 Cover Reveal

Hi folks! I also wanted to reveal the cover for the soon to be released ninth issue of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. I will post very soon with the full table of contents. It's going to be a great issue.

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