Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Best of MYTHIC: Volume Two Kickstarter Is Live... and Almost Fully Funded!

I launched the Kickstarter for this book today. As many of you know, this is the second collection of stories that originally appeared in MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. I announced the volume back in February during last campaign which was a subscription drive for the magazine. Now I'm delivering that book via this new campaign.

Visit the campaign right here: 

The status of MYTHIC became shaky this year as there were issues both involving the magazine's publisher and outside factors like production issues. At one point, the magazine was placed on a hiatus, but now I am relaunching MYTHIC after making some progress solving those issues. 

The Best of MYTHIC: Volume Two campaign is about promoting the magazine's return as a bi-monthly publication—and securing additional funds to make sure that everyone gets their issues of the magazine, the collections, and whatever else due them through the efforts to keep MYTHIC alive.

Thanks to all of you. I'm sorry communication has been spotty at time. I really am working on it, even as I'm working to ensure MYTHIC has a place in the future.

This new campaign gives all of you the chance to pick up both Best of collections if you haven't backed them or bought them before. Plus, it's another opportunity to subscribe. 

MYTHIC's 20th issue is on target for September publication. I'm already reading submissions for subsequent issues. 

By the way: As of 10:52 Central Time, the campaign has nearly reached its primary funding goal.