Wednesday, June 20, 2018

MYTHIC #6 is Available in Print

The paperback edition of MYTHIC #6 has finally arrived. It was a longer road than I intended it be. Life intruded and I had to walk away for a time. Thank you for your continued interest in what I'm doing here in the pages of MYTHIC. This issue includes a lot of great stories. I hope you enjoy the magazine. 

Here's the table of contents for those interested:


Known Issues by William Delman

She Is Chosen by Henry Szabranski

The Last and First Chimera by Timothy Mudie

Lamb Among Lions by Matt Snell

Frost Dead, Fire Living by Gabrielle Friesen

Life in the Impossible Bottle by Hamilton Perez

Even Dragons Die by Stephen Taylor

With Great Power Comes Not-So-Great Playlists by Fredrick Obermeyer

Strange Bodies by Erica Ruppert

When the Sky Men Came by Megan Neumann

The Keeper of the Library by John Michael Greer

The Earthly Spirit by Shaun Kilgore


New Voices of Fantasy: Edited by Peter S. Beagle & Jacob Weisman - by Stephen Reid Case