Monday, July 25, 2016

A New Magazine Is Coming!

We are embarking on a new project. With MYTHIC, we want to create a new quarterly science fiction and fantasy magazine to showcase imaginative and under-represented visions in those genres. The future offers so many more options than what you find out there in the market today. So many stories predict futures among the stars or where technology continues is supremacy amidst the human race. No thoughts are given to limits, to a future where industrial civilization fades from memory and new civilizations and society rooted in a resource starved world take hold.

As our publishing company, Founders House Publishing, has opened the doors to deindustrial SF with our popular After Oil anthology series and works by other authors, we hope to give a place to that fiction here at MYTHIC. Likewise, the imaginative spectrum of fantasy fiction today has been limited by current tastes and fashions. Older story styles, such as sword and sorcery, have fallen out of favor.

MYTHIC is inspired by the old pulp magazines of yesterday. We welcome those styles of storytelling. It's our hope that we might kindle that world to life.

Please check back as we build the website and release updates on the development of the first issue.