Wednesday, October 20, 2021

MYTHIC #17: Summer 2021

This Summer 2021 issue of MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine includes a slew of speculative fiction by Sean Patrick Hazlett, Andrew Kozma, David A. Riley, Fija Callghan, Erica Ciko Campbell, Ron Mucklestone, Maree Brittenford, Robert Runté, Geoffrey Hart, and Jen Downes as well as nonfiction by Joshua Grasso and book and film reviews by Kieran Judge and Frank Kaminski respectively.

Currently ebooks are available from our Payhip Store, Amazon, and soon, other online retailers...

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Here's what you'll find inside:

Editor’s Note: Setbacks | Shaun Kilgore

Curator of Curiosities | Fija Callaghan

The Conch | Ron Mucklestone

The Jester of Arathos | Erica Ciko Campbell

Rehab for Super-Villains | Maree Brittenfortd

The Children Will Lead Us | Andrew Kozma

The Killer App | Sean Patrick Hazlett

Baal the Necromancer | David A. Riley

The Changeling and the Bully | Robert Runté

Awakenings | Geoffery Hart

Happy Hour | Jen Downes

Nonfiction: Tolkien and the Prophecy of Language | Joshua Grasso

Book Review: Ten Low by Stark Holborn | Kieran Judge

Film Review: Annihilation | Frank Kaminski

Monday, October 11, 2021

Note From The Editor: 10/11/2021

Hi gang,

I'm back again with some updates. As of this writing, MYTHIC #17 is nearly ready to be released. Also, I have selected the stories for MYTHIC #18 and soon, MYTHIC #19. I'm a bit ahead of schedule, but excited to resume quarterly publication of the magazine. 

I've talked about setbacks in the past, but right now I'm just going to focus on the positive strides that have been made—and the efforts that have been made to keep MYTHIC alive. I've had some great support in that aim, but this magazine needs all of you, readers and writers alike to keep it around and thriving. 

With that all that in mind, I'm going to share a few more items. 

Cover Reveal

As you can see I'm sharing the cover for forthcoming seventeenth issue of MYTHIC: A Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine. I will post the contents of this issue in a separate post. There were a lot of great stories this last submission period and, as always, it was super difficult to decide which ones to fit in the magazine.

What do you think of the new layout that started with Issue #16? I welcome any comments? 

Interior Art

One of things I have always wanted was to include interior black and white artwork to be included with each story. In this way, I would move MYTHIC a bit close to the pulp magazines of the first of half of the 20th century that provided me with so much influence when starting the publication back in 2016. 

I have already started making inquiries from various artists but I will say here that my budget is limited right now. I would love to find the right artist who know the style of black and white illustrations that I am looking for, who is familiar with the Pulps. I may even set up an open-call for artists.


While I did make strides with the Kickstarter subscription drive and gained lots of subscribers, it didn't go far enough and as I said in the previous editor's note, I made some mistakes. I am hoping that I can use advertising as a way to deal with those mistakes and also provide a service for those who wish to advertise science fiction and fantasy-released books, etc.

I am setting preliminary rates (they may change in price over time) for advertisement spaces that will be offered for each issue. I will give you a discount on the price if you put ads in four, successive issues of MYTHIC

Here are the rates:

  • Full-Page Ads - $100.00 per issue
  • Half-Page Ads - $50.00 per issue
  • Quarter-Page Ads - $25.00 per issue


That's right. We still have a Patreon page for MYTHIC that serves as as vehicle for ongoing support and another way to get an ongoing subscription to the magazine. There are a few other perks, but the biggest one is being there as one of our pillars of support to ensure that MYTHIC remains around to host great sci-fi and fantasy tales.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Note from MYTHIC's Editor: 8/25/21

Dear friends and subscribers:

I have been struggling with some decisions lately regarding the future of MYTHIC. As some of you might recall, I put the magazine on a hiatus which I soon rescinded. Then, given other circumstances in my life, I decided to reduce the number of issues of the magazine produced yearly from four to two. Earlier this year, I ran a subscription drive through Kickstarter that fielded me a crop of new subscribers and technically allowed me to raise the pay rate for stories. 

However, it didn't adequately address the needs over time. I was thinking too short term. I realized that  despite the great success of the campaign that I would not be able to keep MYTHIC in operation for more than a few issues at the current pay rate. I just don't have enough subscribers or other support to sustain into 2022. 

So, I've decided to drop the pay rate back to 1 CENT A WORD until I can get enough funding and more importantly subscribers to sustain a whole year and even beyond at higher pay rates. This may be a disappointment to the many writers who have sent submissions. (Yes, I'm reading your submissions, but there are lots of them, so I ask for patience.) 

In turn, I am using the funds I've received to return to QUARTERLY ISSUES OF MYTHIC since I feel that having new fiction available more frequently makes better sense if I'm trying to court both readers and new subscribers. 

There will be a new subscription drive either at the end of this year or the beginning of the next and I will take into better account what makes sense to grow MYTHIC. I need a ton more subscribers to keep this publication viable so I need all of your help. Spread the word about MYTHIC. 

Given my decision to do quarterly issues, I will be announcing a slightly late summer issue and will be following it with a fall and a winter one as well.