Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Welcome to another issue of MYTHIC. Despite many delays, I'm am delivering both this one and the final one in the quarterly format that has been standard since I launched the magazine back in 2016. 

As you probably know, changes are coming to MYTHIC. The format is changing and MYTHIC is transitioning to a bi-monthly print/eBook subscription model as well as an online format that will provide stories and articles to you every week. 

For now, enjoy this issue. Here's a link to the eBook edition in our Payhip store:

Issue #14 of MYTHIC: A Quarterly Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine includes a variety of sci-fi and fantasy tales by writers like John Michael Greer, D. A. D'Amico, Tom Jolly, Drew Andrew Ross, Jonathon Mast, Erica Ruppert, Lucy Stone, Holly Schofield, and Jenniffer Wardell.


No One Returns from Tobed Aun by John Michael Greer

The Chair in the Garden by Drew Alexander Ross

The 'aiei of Snow by D.A. D'Amico

The Dryad's Muse by Tom Jolly

A Dragon Bigger Than My Stories by Jonathon Mast

Still by Erica Ruppert

Eris Naya by Lucy Stone

The Flight of IKAR-U55 by Joshua Grasso

Flight Check by Holly Schofield

Belief by Jenniffer Wardell