Thursday, June 4, 2020

MYTHIC #13 Now Available!

Hi everyone. I am happy to announce the release of MYTHIC #13. The goal of getting the release schedule back on track continues and I'm nearly there. For now, if you haven't already, please pick up a copy of Issue #13 or consider a one-tim subscription or becoming an ongoing Patreon.

Here's what's inside MYTHIC #13:

The Unkillable Man by Topher Froehlich

Borderland by Barry Charman

The Dead Thing at the Bottom of the Pool by Karl El-Koura

A Different Sort of Death by Tom Jolly

The Frost Mother by Caitlin E. Jones

Parley by Sean Patrick Hazlett

Blood in the River, Tears on the Sand by Timothy Mudie

The Belly by Katie Gray

Goodbye, Blue 42 by John Waterfall

Wall of Thorns by Shaun Kilgore

For those who wish to receive issues of MYTHIC regularly, I've created multiple options. Naturally, you can purchase print and eBook subscriptions here on the website. I call these One-Year Print Direct and One-Year Digital Direct. They are just one-year subscriptions. You get four issues a year in the format of your choice.

You would like to offer further support, I also have a Patreon page for MYTHIC. This service allows you  to provide monthly support so I can provide better compensation to writers, improve the magazine, and basically keep bringing you new issues. Depending on your membership tier, you get much more than a four-issue subscription. As a patron, you will get access to all current issues of MYTHIC as well as future ones as long as you remain active. There are opportunities for free books, discounts, and other patron-only exclusives. Go check out the options!

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