Monday, August 26, 2019

MYTHIC #11 Now Available

MYTHIC #11, the Summer 2019 Issue, is now available in eBook formats from our Payhip store and will also be available on Amazon soon. The paperback edition should be available tomorrow or the next day. 

You can pick up your eBook copy in epub, mobi, and PDF formats using this link:

I will include links here for the paperback once it is live.

This issue includes the following stories:

A Father's Challenge by David England

In the Land of the Blind by Rex Caleval

Fundament of Justice by Joshua Chaplinsky

Playing the Hand You're Dealt by M.A. Akins

How Not to Kill a Dragon by Jocelyn Scott

Three Minutes Back in Time by JR Gershen-Siegel

Heaven's Eye by K. Traylor

Mirror, Mirror by Liam Hogan

A New Age by Shaun Kilgore