Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cover Reveal: MYTHIC Issue #1

Well, here it is folks! The cover to our debut issue. While there may be a few more tweaks between now and print time, this is basically how it will look. I can't say how excited I am about this. I hope you are as well. There's more working going on behind the scenes as I finish final selections for both this issue stories and Issue #2. I'll also be working on the cover for Issue #2 so it can appear in the first issue.

In other news:

UPDATE: 11/22/16 The offer has now expired since the first issue is going to press. Thanks to all of those who supported us upfront.  A special thanks to additional subscribers we are adding.

Our special offer for the first 25 Subscribers is still open. For buying a one-year subscription, you will have your name mentioned on a thank you page in the first issue with the other 24 and you are eligible for a 30% discount off any book you buy from our parent company, Founders House Publishing.

Those interested in other ways to support our new endeavor, please consider donating using the button on the site or becoming a patron via Patreon. This will help us getting the funding we need to pay authors better rates and make MYTHIC a better magazine for everyone. Plus, you get rewards for your generous support. Check it out!